Our offer

Many departure discounts, without a connection fee

Referral program

For each invited partner who handles at least 10 shipments through our system in the first month, we will give an additional 10% discount. The discount is valid for a maximum of 5 partners per month, ie up to 50%.

Departure offer

We provide a 50% discount on all our fees to our new customers until the end of the first full quarter of joining.

Full fee exemption

Available in the initial period (first quarter) if 5 new users are invited per month in addition to the departure offer!

Only 1 EUR / day!

Our services

In the case of owning trucks or working with subcontractors.

Monthly fee:

30 EUR/10 000 Ft

For those who do not have their own vehicle.

Transaction fee:

3 EUR/1 000 Ft

Requesting an offer

Feel free to contact us with your questions and suggestions, ask us for an offer!