Freight record and tracking

VDSLog is a modern freight registration and tracking solution for small and medium-sized businesses that meets international shipping standards.


Why choose us?

Our application is able to display the process and consolidated statements of the given shipping task on many hardware, to implement the new forms of state data provision (EKÁER, TAFA, online invoicing), in a time-stamped and secure way.


Freight documents

An e-CMR document filling interface in accordance with the requirements of the CMR Convention, which can be uploaded with partners, transport vehicles, and address data.


Data service

Automatic notification to the Electronic Road Traffic Control System based on e-CMR data.


Handover – takeover

Reduce the waiting time by using our communication network, handover-arrival immediately upon arrival at the site, with one click.


Mobile solutions

Our mobile application is connected to the database throughout the transport task, thus continuously providing accurate information to all participants about the transport process.

Freight record

Everything in one place

An easy-to-use web interface available anywhere, anytime.

Easy interoperability and compatibility with other systems.

Data reporting in accordance with legal requirements, change tracking.

Eliminate parallel manual data recordings, avoid errors due to manual recording.


Our team

Economist, serial entrepreneur, with more than 10 years of National Tax and Customs experience, participated in the introduction of Electronic Road Traffic Control System.
Zoltán Szabó
Software engineer, he has worked with a number of startups as a CTO, he has an experience as well with fleet tracking, both in software and hardware.
Jobbágy Róbert CTO
Róbert Jobbágy
Mentor, finance officer, he has supported many startups and innovative businesses from a financial and fundraising perspective.

Marcell Zoltán Végh

digitization in the supply chain

Our modern solution helps you see through processes across multiple platforms.

Web interface

Immediate, detailed and automatic statistics and statements.

Tablet application

Simple and transparent, for everyday use.

Mobile application

For faster, shorter processes, anywhere, anytime.

Do you have a question?

Feel free to contact us with your questions and suggestions, ask us for a bid!